We need you!

Please could you consider joining us? We are a team of volunteers, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience who work in Launceston and the surrounding area of North East Cornwall providing help and support to people who are worried about their debts and struggle to prioritise their bills and manage day to day […]

Support during the Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, Community Money Advice Launceston is continuing to offer help and support to those who are struggling to manage their money and their creditors. Like many other organisations, we have worked hard to make our offices fully Covid19 compliant and we are proud that we were able to continue to offer help and support […]

LMAC becomes CMAL

We have finally undergone a rebrand to bring us inline with Community Money Advice. Formerly known as LMAC (Launceston Money Advice), we are now officially Community Money Advice Launceston. Don’t worry – we offer exactly the same service as before, with the same dedicated team of volunteers. We have simply changed our name and logo. […]