About us

Through our appointments, Launceston Money Advice Centre offers free and impartial advice on the following matters:

Debt Management



Dealing with Creditors

Form filling

Community Money Advice Launceston is a team of volunteers, including trained money advisers, who offer free and confidential advice to anyone who is experiencing problems with managing their money.

We are affiliated to Community Money Advice which supports over 180 centres, like ours, across the country. It provides training, IT software and a help-line for our advisers.

We are fully insured to give debt advice and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – our FCA reference number is 618786.

We will see anyone who requests an appointment and who needs help with debt or managing their money.

We will see you at our Community Money Advice Launceston Office, which is in the Launceston Gateway Centre, or in exceptional circumstances we can meet you at your home address.

The 1st appointment may last up to an hour and a half and there will usually be further appointments depending on your particular money problems. We can negotiate with your creditors and arrange payment schedules with them depending on your income. It is important  that you will be able to maintain these repayments, so together we decide what you can afford.


Coping with Debt

Being in debt can be a frightening experience and many people try to ignore their money problems. They may take out more loans to try to keep up with repayments.

More and more people are falling into debt.   It is a big step to ask for help, but many people feel a sense of relief once they have found someone to talk to about their debts. We are here to help you to take the first step and we can give you professional, impartial advice.

We can help if you are having problems with budgeting, whether or not you are in debt, and we are also able to give advice about welfare benefits.

We offer simple advice on budgeting, and getting the best deal, and economical living through to dealing with debt and even bankruptcy.

Booking an appointment

At the first appointment we will ask you to sign a contract with us, which sets out what you can expect of us, and what we expect from you.

We also need authorisation to act on your behalf. Copies of this authorisation will be sent to each of your creditors (with your permission).

If we feel we cannot help with some or all of your problems we can often refer you to another agency with your consent.

We are not permitted (nor have the expertise) to give money advice to commercial or business clients.

To book a free appointment with us, please click the button below.